The chicken can dance

Rubber Chicken Paradise

Making the chicken dance one line of code at a time

Setting up a static site on an iPad

An exercise in mild technical masochism

Jeremy Oursler

7 minutes read

When setting up this blog I wanted to try something. Could I set up a static site using just an iPad instead of my desktop. This wasn’t an experiment to see if I could replace my desktop, this was because my kids didn’t want to stop playing their computer games long enough for me to get this up and running. I had an iPad laying around and a Bluetooth keyboard and time. I spent so much time wondering if I could, I never though if I should.

Disaster Recovery

When your hosting provider ghosts you

Jeremy Oursler

3 minutes read

A couple weeks ago my hosting provider ghosted me. Site gone, support gone, prepaid hosting refunded, just gone. Guess that $4 VPS for 3 years was too good to be true.

ASP.NET Core Identity and Claims

a Journey Into Slight Madness

Jeremy Oursler

3 minutes read

Recently at work I was tasked to build an API gateway. Now an API gateway is a rather simple thing, create a copy of the interface objects, move them to a new name space, grab automapper so you don’t have to write tedious manual mapping code then throw it out on a server.

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