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An Api Key authentication provider for ASP.NET Core Identity.

MIT Licensed since it is very similar to the JWT Authentication written by Microsoft. ( core source on github)


A login tracker utilizing a cache and defaulting to a Binary Exponential Back Off to lockout logins after a number of failed attempts in a row.


A caching manager optimized for cache items that take a while to create and can have multiple cache misses when an item times out of the cache.


This is my Utility library. There are many like it but this one is mine.

Its MIT licensed. Most of it is simple things that I like to keep around but most can be rewritten from scratch if the need calls for it.


This is an MIT licensed library that turns C# Expression trees into a powerful rules engine. Based on some of the code in the library it looks to have originally been composed from this blog post by Martin Konicek (A source I was about to use to write my own library). The library can now also handle collections and I extended it to return the expression tree and be used as a filter in EF functions (Where, Count, FirstOrDefault ect. Any extension that takes an Expression<Func<T,bool>>)

I am currently working on a new project that will make heavy use of this nice little library.

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