The chicken can dance

Rubber Chicken Paradise

Making the chicken dance one line of code at a time

Handling row level security with Entity Framework Core

Its been written before but maybe this makes more sense to someone

Jeremy Oursler

7 minutes read

At work we are currently going through a migration to modernize from a .net 4 winforms app to a modern web app with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and .net core on the backend. Part of this is also making our permissions more manageable and centrally applied so the same logic is not in 6 different places.

Setting up a static site on an iPad

An exercise in mild technical masochism

Jeremy Oursler

7 minutes read

When setting up this blog I wanted to try something. Could I set up a static site using just an iPad instead of my desktop. This wasn’t an experiment to see if I could replace my desktop, this was because my kids didn’t want to stop playing their computer games long enough for me to get this up and running. I had an iPad laying around and a Bluetooth keyboard and time. I spent so much time wondering if I could, I never though if I should.

Disaster Recovery

When your hosting provider ghosts you

Jeremy Oursler

3 minutes read

A couple weeks ago my hosting provider ghosted me. Site gone, support gone, prepaid hosting refunded, just gone. Guess that $4 VPS for 3 years was too good to be true.

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