The chicken can dance

Rubber Chicken Paradise

Making the chicken dance one line of code at a time

ASP.NET Core Identity and Claims

a Journey Into Slight Madness

Jeremy Oursler

3 minutes read

Recently at work I was tasked to build an API gateway. Now an API gateway is a rather simple thing, create a copy of the interface objects, move them to a new name space, grab automapper so you don’t have to write tedious manual mapping code then throw it out on a server.

Hello World

Welcome to the Jungle

Jeremy Oursler

1 minute read

So the first program many programmers write in a language is a simple program that says “Hello World”. The reasons are many but the main one is that if you can get “Hello World” to come up on the screen or in the browser (or even in a log file) then every thing in the environment is working. So this is the Hello World post. If you can see this then my blog is up and running.

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